Maldivian Coast Guard has stopped another Somalian fishing boat inside the Maldivian economic territory.

The Coast Guard stopped a vessel named “Chatpatana 55” about 76.5 nautical miles out of Thaa atoll Hirilandhoo and is now being brought to the capital. Maldives National Defence Force said that the vessel had ten crew members of Thailand nationality and 200 tons of fish.

MNDF said that the crew on board told the Coast Guard that they were on the way to Thailand from Somalia.

The second Somalian vessel found in the Maldivian territory last night was named “Chatpatana 51”. It was discovered about nine miles out of Alifu Dhaalu Maamigili around 8:50 p.m.

MNDF said that there were 12 crew members of Thai nationality and 250 tons of fish on the vessel with the Somalian flag hoisted up.

In emergency cases in need of food or fuel, vessels are allowed a special permission to enter the Maldivian territory. But MNDF said that the two vessels entered the area without permission. And due to the nature of the circumstances, it requires an investigation and so both vessels are being brought to the capital in custody of the Coast Guard.

While two Somalian vessels have been captured inside the Maldivian borders last night, MNDF is working with the India and Sri Lanka to find their fishing vessels that got stranded in the recent tropical storm in region.