Hashi Omar Hassan, a Somali national who was imprisoned for over a decade in Italy, has talked about his ordeal during an interview with Radio Shabelle over the phone.

Hassan has accused Ahmed Washington, the newly appointed Mogadishu seaport manager of involving in his long detention, after bringing false evidences during the court hearing.

The victim expressed deep regret over the problems he faced in the prison, as he was convicted unlawful and false crimes against him by the new manager of Mogadishu harbor.

He has blamed Ahmed Washington for plotting his arrest, and large-scale atrocities against Somali nationals in overseas jails.

Ahmed Washington, Mogadishu seaport Manager

“This notorious man known for the selling citizens abroad to be appointed senior post in the government ranks, especially as general manager of the port of Mogadishu,” he said.

Hassan called on Somali federal government to review the appointment of the new Mogadishu seaport Manager, Ahmed Washington as his is a criminal escaping the justice.