A civil society lobby has petitioned the High Court to compel the Government withdraw KDF forces from Somalia. I

n the case filed on Friday, civil society  Empowerment Kenya, also wants the Government to provide intelligence on protection of Kenyans on the border against external aggression.

Led by Director, Ms Truphena Moraa, the civil society  argue that the country has since independence never faced terror attacks except for the 1998 on the US embassy until the soldiers were deployed in Somalia.

“Operations in Somalia resulted into retaliatory attacks by Al Shabaab militants, leading to deaths of Kenyans and loss of property,” the petition reads partly.

They have enjoined the Attorney General, National Intelligence Service (NIS) and the United Nations. They called for degazettement of the Operation Linda Nchi and immediate redeployment to the army for officers in Somalia.

They accused the Government of overstepping its mandate and sending troops to a foreign and sovereign country without proper justification of the war without conducting proper intelligence on the threats by Al Shabaab.