Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency said it has suspended a multimillion contract signed by former Internal Security Minister, Abdirisack Omar Mohamed.

According to the official twitter post by the security agency published on Saturday evening, the contract was awarded by former minister Abdirizack Mohamed in the unclear bidding process.

The agency said it submitted the case to auditor general’s office and other relevant agencies for more investigation.

” Today on November 3rd, NISA halted and reported to the auditor general’s office multi-million contract awarded by former minister years ago,” NISA said in its tweet.

In response, former minister Abdirizack Mohamed who is currently member of the Somali parliament has distanced himself from what he termed as unfortunate cheap social media to install fear.

” It is very unfortunate to see NISA interested in someone who handed over the office transparently two years ago to his predecessor,” Abdirizack replied via his tweeter account.

He added ” The actions of NISA resemble that of the dictatorial NSS reign,”

According to sources, the multi-million contract in question was meant to supply food rations to the members of the fearful security agency.

NISA has not disclosed the names of the companies that received the contract by the former minister.