Somalia’s capital Mogadishu was under security lockdown Monday, with roads closed a day after the Police seized a car packed with explosives near the office of the city’s mayor.

Hundreds of security forces have been deployed on the main roads in the capital, including Jubba, Afisyoni, El-Gabta junctions and as well as areas around Mogadishu seaport.

The reason behind the closure of the roads remain yet unclear, but, this has had an effect on students and business people who live away from their workplaces.

President Farmaajo who was elected 8th February last year has promised to prioritize security as his government achieved several positive goals since he assumed the office.

Al-Shabab was forced out of the capital by AU and Somali troops in 2011 but still controls parts of the country and carries out attacks against government and military in Mogadishu and regional towns.

Somalia has not had an effective central government since the collapse of Siad Barre’s military regime in 1991, which led to decades of civil war and violent anarchy.