Somali Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Khaire has promised to pay the tuition fees of 100 students from poor families to join the Universities for high education after completing their secondary schools.

Idiris Abdi Dakhtar, a member of Somalia’s Federal Parliament has announced the pledge of the PM for the students, who live in Baidoa city, the interim capital of Southwest state administration.

Dakhtar said they met a Board of high school Students in Baidoa, comprising of 500 pupils who have applied for local Universities to continue their education, but were unable to pay the fees.

The lawmaker said that the Somali government did not have a clear plan for the youth, but declared that they as MPs will raise funds to help the students pay the tuition fees of the Universitie.

This is a positive step that Prime Minister Hussien Ali Kheyre took towards addressing the challenges that the country’s youths are facing currently.