The outgoing President of the Somalia’s northern breakaway republic of Somaliland, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Siilaanyo has applauded Nov 13 Presidential election as “peaceful and democratic.”

Speaking to a press conference at the statehouse in Hargeisa on Saturday, President Siilaanyo said that the election was a milestone and role model for the democracy in Africa.

The President added that Somaliland has moved forward and committed to continue its bid for recognization which has not been achieved for the past 26 years.

The aging leader who is leaving office soon when a new President is elected has expressed his sorrow over the death of two people who were killed during violent protests Buroa and Hargeisa on Friday.

He confirmed that at least 19 Somaliland soldiers were wounded in the clashes between the opposition party supporters and Police in parts of the state.

The protests broke out after Waddani has claimed election fraud and irregularities in some polling stations in Sahil region on Monday, Nov 13.