The President of Puntland state of Somalia, Abdiweli Mohamed Ali (Gaas) has appointed his new cabinet ministers.

President Ali unveiled a 53-member cabinet, including deputy and state ministers following a wide consultations with vice President, according to a statement released by Presidency.

Several members of ousted cabinet have been reinstated in the line-up, with some of them were moved from their previous positions to new posts.

The names of the new ministers and their positions are as following:

  1. Salah Habi Jama:  Minister of Justice and Religious
  2. Abdullahi Ali Hersi: Minister of Interior
  3. Ahmed Abdullahi Yousuf: Minister of Security
  4. Abdullahi Said qarshe: Minister of Finance
  5. Shire Haji Farah: Minister of Planning and International Relationship
  6. Abdifatah Said Aynab: Minister of Constitution and Federal Affairs
  7. Abshir Aw Yousuf Ise: Minister of Eduaction
  8. Abdinasir Osman Awke: Minister of Health
  9. Abdirahman Barkahd Warsame: Minister of Public Works
  10. Saeed Mohamed Raage: Minister of Ports
  11. Ahmed Elmi Osman Karaash : Minister of Civil Aviation and Airports
  12. Maryan Ahmed Ali : Minister of Women
  13. Abdi Hersi Ali Qarjab: Minister of Information
  14. Abdiweli Hersi Abdulle: Minister of Commerce
  15. Abdullahi Sheikh Ahmed: Minister of Livestock
  16. Abdinur Elmi Mohamoud:  Minister of Livestock
  17. Ali Abdullahi Warsame: Minister of Environment
  18. Abdirashid Mohamed Hersi: Minister of Fisheries
  19. Abdikhadar Farah Shaiye: Minister of Reconstruction and Development
  20. Abdirahaman Sheih Ahmed:  Minister of Labor, Youth and Sports.

The cabinet awaits final approval from Puntland Parliament.