The leaders of Somali regional administrations declared to have suspended relations with the federal government of Somalia on Saturday as they wrap up meeting in Kismayo city.

They said in a joint statement that no collaboration with Mogadishu until all the agreements reached in the past meetings held in the capital and Baidoa are put into practice.

The council has urged strengthening the constitutional power of the Senate for the regional states to get a concrete representation in the government.

The Somali government is likely to release its own response to the decision, which is seen as a setback to the country’s efforts to move forward after decades of conflict.

The leaders discussed security, resource sharing, fighting Al-shabab militants, reintegration of forces and upcoming elections in some regional states during their 4-day conference.

The Kismayu meeting was the second after the first one was held in October last year where they demanded more share of national resources.