The members of Somalia’s Federal Parliament have been warned against creating a new  political turmoil in the country, as the government is making notable progress since taking power in February.

Speaking to Radio Shabelle, Dahir Abdulkadir known as (Dahir Irro), a former Somali MP has called on the parliamentarians not to politicize the extradition of Abdikarin Sheikh Muse Qalbi Dagah to Ethiopia.

He said the government wants support as it is making development and working to restore peace and stability in the country, currently recovering the decades long conflict.

The Ex MP’s call comes as some lawmakers are intending to table motion against Somali PM, Hassan Ali Khaire after his government has extradited Qalbi Dhagah, a senior ONLF rebel leader last August.

PM Khaire has been in office since last March, and during the last seven months, he had made remarkable achievements, including the release of hundreds of Somali prisoners from overseas jails.