Somalia is commemorating 12th October, marking the 63rd anniversary of the National Flag Day, with a colorful event held in the capital Mogadishu on Wednesday night.

The event was attended by the Prime Minister of Somalia, the Speaker of the Upper House, Banaadir Governor, MPs, Ministers of the Federal Government and hundreds of ordinary people.

Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire spoke about the value of the commemoration of the October 12 event, calling on citizens to stand up for the preservation of the Somali flag.

The PM has lauded the contribution of young Somali people to the state-building efforts and moving the country forward.

The prime minister also addressed the current political situation in the country, saying that no one would be allowed to criticize the country and discourage the Somali people.

Finally, the prime minister called on the public to support the Somali government, and work with it, to overcome the challenges facing the country.