More than 15 Members who are part of the South West State election coordination committee have resigned on Monday.

The members include the chair and deputy chair of the 13 member team tasked to oversee the regional Presidential elections scheduled on 17th this month.

The resignation is linked to the clearance of candidate Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansur to run for the regional office.

According to sources the members who have resigned are for the opinion that former Alshabaab second in command is barred by the constitution to run for the office and thus it is unconstitutional to give him the green light.

Abu Mansour has issued a certificate of clearance on Monday amid stiff resistance by some election coordination committee members.

Other Unconfirmed reports say incumbent state leader Sharif Hassan Adan who is planning to give up the race is behind the move to push for candidate Robow as his replacement.

The development is a big blow to the already tense regional Presidential elections.

Some candidates have previously accused the federal government leaders of direct interference.