A Kenyan security person walk past a police vehicle damaged by a blast killing Kenyan police officers at the Garissa county, eastern Kenya, May 24, 2017. REUTERS/Stringer
At least 12 Kenyan police officers were killed and several were wounded today in an attack by militias of the Islamist group Al Shabab in a demarcation near the country’s border with Somalia.
The action of the extremist organization was against two vehicles where the agents traveled, escorting a bus between the villages of Dhabacity and Borehole, on the way to this capital.

The assaults and ambushes of Al-Shabab against police vehicles escorting passenger buses are frequent in the region.

Irregular groups of that organization control territories of the center and the south of Somalia, from where they make frequent attacks against civil and governmental facilities that extend also to Kenya, in retaliation because the Army of Nairobi fights them from 2011 in Somali territory.

Al Shabab, a phrase that means ‘the young’ in Arabic, emerged in 2006 as the radical wing of the former Islamic Courts Council was linked in 2012 to Al Qaeda and fights to impose a caliphate based on Shari’a law.