At least 8 people were killed, and a dozen wounded in twin blasts in Mogadishu on Saturday, security and medical sources said.

The attack began with a huge explosion resulted from a car packed with explosives detonated near the gates of Villa Somalia, the state house and followed by gunfire.

Security forces killed three attackers during the confrontation, according to sources.

The second car bombing was reported in the same vicinity as the troops battle attackers attempting to penetrate the presidential palace in Mogadishu, said a police officer.

Among the dead include, four attackers reported died in the attack, including two shot dead by the Somali security forces.

More than 10 people also wounded in the Saturday’s attack, which was the latest blast in Mogadishu in the last past few weeks.

The Al-Shabab militant group has claimed the responsibility for the attack, according to a statement posted on the pro-Al-Shabab media outlets.