The United Nations special envoy for Somalia, Nicholas Haysom has arrived in Hargeisa, the capital city of the country’s northern self-declared republic Somaliland on Sunday.

Upon arrival, Haysom held a meeting with Somaliland president, Muse Bihi Abdi and discussed a range of issues, including the tension in Tukaraq, regional security, development and talks with Mogadishu.

The two sides also talked about the dispute between Somaliland and Puntland over several regions in northern Somalia, mainly Tukaraq, a small town located less than 100Km west of Garowe city.

Tukaraq fell to Somaliland last January after the invasion and became a flashpoint area as the two rival states messed up troops to the conflict zones and engaged in deadly battles in the past few months.

The UN envoy has visited Jubbaland and Southwest regional states last week as part of his efforts to defuse the political tension between the central government and its Federal member states.