A senior UN advisor on internal displacement on Wednesday called on Somalia to develop an effectively framework to provide durable solutions for internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Walter Kalin, Special Advisor on IDPs to the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General/Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, said durable solutions for displaced persons in Somalia require combined humanitarian, development and peace approach.

“Somalia is one of the only countries in the world where solutions for IDPs are presented as a key development priority. While absolutely necessary for saving lives and provide immediate assistance, humanitarian interventions can not achieve long term solutions,” Kalin said at the end of his week-long visit to Somalia.

“A combination of humanitarian, development, peace and state building approaches is required to achieve that objective and the National Development Plan provides a very solid basis for that,” he added.

The UN official said an effective framework and durable solutions in the country coupled with strong government leadership and the mobilization of multi-year flexible funding would provide sustainable livelihoods and adequate standards of living to IDPs and their host communities.

“There are different categories of IDPs, those who came a long time ago, and those who have recently been displaced because of the drought,” said Kalim.

“Thanks to the humanitarian assistance, we are able to save their lives, but in the long term, we need to switch to development approaches to help them become productive and self-sufficient again,” he added.

Kalin, who until recently was also Special Representative of the Secretary-General on the human rights of IDPs, visited Kismayo, capital of Jubaland State; Dollow, a small town in the Geddo region bordering Ethiopia; Baidoa, the administrative capital of South West State; as well as Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

This was Kalin’s third mission to Somalia and to various IDP camps across the country. Kalin will present the findings of his mission to the international community during a briefing later this week.