Number of returnees 1,086 Somalis returned to Somalia Core relief items 257 CRIs distributed to 216 households (605 persons)

Reinstallation grants 1,034 returnees provided with reinstallation grants Education 2,990 newly enrolled students Shelters 39 shelters and 28 latrines constructed Community-based projects 2,717 beneficiaries of community-based projects.

Working with Partners

The UNHCR Representative in Somalia and the Mogadishu Governor of Benadir Region signed a Project Partnership Agreement to enable temporary employment for 1,000 persons (700 returnees, 200 members of host community and 100 IDPs) through a cash for work programme to beautify the town of Mogadishu and to extend five schools and one technical and vocational education training (TVET) training centre. Renovated educational premises will strengthen access to education to around 9,000 students.

UNHCR has shared the Country of Origin Information (COI) for the month of August-September with the Help Desk in Refugee Camps in Kenya and Yemen. The COI includes information about the humanitarian, security and political situation in Somalia.

The COI helps Somali refugee make an informed decision about their return.
On 28 September, the State of Jubaland imposed new landing fees on UN flights.

UNHCR met with the counterparts of the State of Jubaland to discuss the suspension of flights. It was agreed that the State of Jubaland will meet with UN agencies to discuss support for the maintenance of the Kismayo airport. On 28 September, the last return flight from Kenya to Kismayo with returnees was received.

Updates on Achievements

UNHCR continues to provide assistance to Somali refugees who decided to voluntarily return home. In order to ensure sustainable reintegration of Somali refugee returnees,
UNHCR provides the enhanced return package.

Throughout the October several factors have impacted the repatriation: deteriorating humanitarian situation in Baidoa, security concerns on the border between Kenya and Somalia (Dhobley town) and newly imposed landing fees in Kismayo. Due to these factors, return movement to listed locations remained temporarily suspended.

Return Figures

As of 31 October 2017, a total of 108,498 Somalis returned to Somalia; 73,943 from Kenya, 33,921 from Yemen (33,511 spontaneous and 418 assisted) and 626 from other countries of asylum (589 from Djibouti, 34 from Eretria, two from Tunisia, and one from Pakistan).

– In October, 1,104 Somalis returned home, 775 from Yemen (490 spontaneous and 285 assisted) and 329 from Kenya.